Tablet iii.2019, porcelain and recyled clay, 17x24x2.5cm,
Tablet iv. 2019, porcelain, 25x22.5x4.5cm
Photograph by Brenton McGeachie.


Tablets i-ix (2019) installation view
Photograph by Brenton McGeatchie


Soft collision, 2019, porcelain and glaze, 40x42x13.5cm
Photograph by Brenton McGeachie


Romance, 2019, porcelain and glaze, 38x37x14cm
Photograph by Brenton McGeachie


Scrap, 2019, porcelain and glaze, 30x16x5cm
Photograph by Brenton McGeachie


Low-slung, 2019, porcelain and glaze, 42.5x41.5x8.5cm
Photograph by Brenton McGeachie


Studies in falling 4 (2018), porcelain and glaze, 11x19x17cm


Summing to stillness, 2018. Porcelain, cable ties, 190x140x35cm


Studies in falling 1, 2018. porcelain and glaze, 10x14x17cm.


Studies in falling 2, 2018


Studies in falling 5, 2018


Pourers, 2016, woodfired stoneware clays, average 9cm tall.